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CREDIT Total Motivation ReadingHere’s a print and online supplemental curriculum that integrates critical thinking and process skills with instruction. It is built to provide complete alignment to 100 percent of the Common Core Standards for Reading/Language Arts and addresses rigor, depth, and conceptual understanding—online and in print. In the online system, teachers have access to automatic grading of selected-response questions and can create student assignments with the click of a button. Real-time progress monitoring provides meaningful feedback to differentiate instruction. As it combines print materials with classroom technology, it enables teachers to integrate three tasks: Instruct: Creates an integrated learning experience with critical thinking at its core. The print and online instructional strategies allow teachers to incorporate individualized instruction, adjust lesson plans and provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of students. Practice: Enables teachers to divide a classroom into multiple groups and provide each group and student with the assignments and practice to improve academic knowledge — useful in classrooms that lack a 1:1 ratio. Evaluate: Helps to identify learning gaps, track student progress to the individual standard level and inform instruction. Teachers can quickly analyze the students mastering specific standards, the students gaining understanding and the students requiring interventions. Learn more.


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