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CREDIT PathSourceThese guys would like to be known as America’s premier career navigation platform. How are they succeeding? PathSource is taking a proven set of career exploration tools, refined through work with some of America’s largest school districts, and offering them for free through a unique career exploration app. The company currently has offices in the US and China, has raised venture capital and wants to disrupt the way young Americans land jobs. For the past two years, PathSource has worked with the Chicago Public Schools, the San Francisco Unified School District and other large districts across the country. Last October, the company rolled out one of the only apps out there that connects careers, education, lifestyle and budget. The PathSource library of 2,600 informational interviews on video are a core component of their approach — they are divided by interest and goals, allowing the user to filter through different fields and attitudes. Their extensive career database then allows the student to scrutinize a position or profession by education requirements, physical and mental demands, salaries, even job locations, and connects these choices to lifestyle choices and budget. This first-of-its-kind app guides young people to the proper career path in a few minutes — instead of a few years. Learn more.


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