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CREDIT Econ Alive TCITwenty-five years ago, a group of teachers formed K-12 publisher TCI, based on the principle that the more students are actively engaged, the more they will learn. TCI’s latest offering is Econ Alive! The Power to Choose – a comprehensive, semester-long economics curriculum that demystifies economics for high school seniors. It’s made up of concise, standards-based text with activities that help students grasp complex concepts through understandable, real-world situations. Using this in-depth, online curriculum, students embark on collaborative projects, writing assignments, critical-thinking challenges and problem-solving group work. Teachers and students access a wealth of coordinated resources – easy-to-implement presentations, clear standards-based content, interactive student notebooks, formative and summative assessments, and more. Throughout the program, students experience the key principles of economics. They analyze news headlines to determine how events will cause demand or supply curves to shift. Acting as members of the Federal Reserve, students analyze economic data to set monetary policy. They also experience what it’s like to run a company, as they form businesses, create business plans and compete for investor funding. Econ Alive! makes learning fun while giving students a unique advantage as they prepare for college and career. Learn more.


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