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CREDIT Knowledge NoteBook imageWhen it comes to note taking with a computer, many students “automatically” go for Microsoft Word while some go for Google Docs. Sure, Word is excellent for creating formal documents (a fancy proposal, a business letter, a paper or written assignment) with all its super-nice text formatting features. And Google Docs can be a fabulous collaboration tool — but as a student, your focus is to capture what (as in: what is the most important information or knowledge I need to know?) — and not necessarily how it looks or reads, or how to share it. As a student, the primary goal of learning is really and more simply to master what is expected to be learned for a subject. For making study more effective and to facilitate real understanding of course materials, Word or Google Docs don’t really cut it. To study on a screen, to take notes, and to later study those notes — a tool designed expressly for this purpose is best. Knowledge Notebook is such a tool: it captures key information quickly in and out of classroom, logically and automatically organizes information for easy access and for later study, and is a contextual tool that facilitates true understanding of course materials. Purpose-built for study, it’s quite simple: it helps students study. It includes a Notes List, Flashcards, Quiz, Timeline, an easy Wiki Search, and Concept Maps. Have a look.

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    Another cool tool you maybe interested in following is It’s a cool place to hang out as a developer because people code and stream their projects live for you to watch as they narrate. It’s really good for those just starting out.

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