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CREDIT SoftChalk CloudHere’s one of the fastest and easiest ways to create and manage e-learning content for delivery inside or outside of a LMS. With SoftChalk Cloud, educators can create their own engaging, interactive, media-rich learning content that directly integrates with virtually any LMS or website and is accessible anywhere, anytime. Instructors can track student score results, inside or outside of an LMS gradebook. The learning curve is low, allowing educators of all technology levels to easily create, customize and personalize content by blending their own materials with rich media, interactive exercises, quizzes and text. This combination of personalized content, embedded assessment, interactivity, and immediate student feedback increases student engagement and improves learning outcomes. It eliminates an institutions need to migrate or re-create content when moving from one learning management system to another. This constitutes a “create once, use anywhere” approach to the development of quality e-learning content. Every account comes with its own instance of SoftChalk Create 9, now featuring the SoftChalk eBook Builder, which allows educators to transform their SoftChalk lessons into their own personalized, interactive eBooks for use on iPads and Chromebooks. Learn more.


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