Cool Tool | Gridstore for Universities

Gridstore is converged infrastructure for modern data centers looking to dramatically improve management and performance while decreasing cost. As educational institutions face unique data storage challenges due to budget constraints combined with a need to keep data available and close, this is a unique and cost effective storage solution that meets a university’s resources. Their storage solutions for the hybrid cloud run VMs 400 percent faster with a 75 percent smaller footprint and at a 50 percent lower cost that traditional offerings, according to the company. Gridstore’s Performance Optimized Storage Nodes deliver extreme performance through write-back cache built on a PCIe card with over 500GB of Flash. Gridstore’s Capacity Optimized Storage Nodes allow mid-sized and large universities to be able to easily handle rapidly growing capacity needs. One of their customers, Winthrop University, says “Our Gridstore three-year cost procurement and maintenance cost came in at almost half the cost of equivalent storage on the SAN. Gridstore provided a system that was optimized for HyperV and solved the high cost of virtualization and the high cost of storage.” For campus technologists who understand such terminology: such a solution can scale to 250 nodes and schools can start with as little as 4TB per node up to 48TB per node and scale up to 12PB per node. Learn more.


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