Trends | Data Privacy vs. Data Security

CREDIT SkywardToday, more than 90 percent of school districts use electronic data storage for student records. As data continues to expand its reach, districts must improve security measures and establish guidelines to help protect student information. Skyward, a leading K-12 school administrative software provider, is paving the way in data privacy with its comprehensive security features that ensure users have access to all the tools they need while preventing access to unauthorized users. In 2014, they released data privacy and security guidelines that all schools can implement to ensure student data is protected. Their recommendations outline the importance of data privacy and security in education and offer best practices for districts looking to improve their electronic storage protection. As a leading software provider with more than 30 years experience, they recommend the following for safeguarding data: understanding the difference between data privacy and data security, maintaining a high level of collaboration with vendor and establishing proper security measures for on-premise or cloud-based data storage. As discussions over student data privacy and security increase, these data privacy and security guidelines will help school districts strengthen their data protection measures to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for all students. Learn more.


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