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CREDIT Bloomz AppHere’s a teacher communication app providing real-time updates, event and volunteer coordination, and community building tools to engage with today’s generation of parents. Built primarily for the K-8 environment, it’s an excellent tool for helping to create connections between parents and teachers, thanks to its many tools available in one beautifully designed app. With Bloomz, teachers can save time in their communication with parents by easily send real-time messages, share pictures, schedule parent-teacher conferences and even sign up parents for volunteer opportunities, all made easy through a web or mobile app. Focused on helping teacher’s improve their communication with parents, the people behind the app have recently launched a series of additions to their product, from easier ways to sign up for it (class codes, SMS/Text integration), to increased teacher controls (posts scheduling, parent to parent communication control) and accessibility (content translation). Despite their young life (the service was only made available to the public in February of 2015), Bloomz has already been featured in various publications and gained teacher praise from all over, and is an EdTech Award winner.


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