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CREDIT RokenbokStudents have been building machines of every description with Rokenbok engineering toys for over two decades, but soon they will be able to program those creations to do whatever they can imagine. The ROKduino Programmable Robotics Set comes with over 400 building components, including sensors, motor modules, hinges, wheels and gears.  The set includes step-by-step instructions to build three different robots as well as in-depth curriculum for teachers to use in classrooms. Using Rokenbok’s drag-and-drop, Arduino-based programming software, students as young as eight years old will be able to enjoy the satisfaction of bringing their robots to life. The set is appropriate for grades 4-12 and can scale in complexity as students’ learning progresses. After mastering the basics of programming, it’s a snap to step into full Arduino programming, one of the world’s most popular, open-source robotics programming languages. Learning about robotics gives children an exciting, hands-on experience with computer science, mechanical and structural engineering, and physics. Rokenbok Education, a non-profit organization, offers all their STEM-Maker Curriculum on their website for free. Learn more at


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