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CREDIT ContentKeeperBYOD and 1-to-1 programs, which are becoming a staple in districts across the U.S., are causing increasing speed and volume demands on district networks. To accommodate this and ensure networks are always up and running, districts are installing load balancing appliances, however these appliances are often financially out of reach. ContentKeeper, a leader in Web and mobile filtering and reporting for next-generation learning environments, is now providing districts with a high-quality, cost-effective intelligent, Layer 2, multi-gig load balancing appliance. The ContentKeeper Load Balancing Appliance (CK-LBA) is fully integrated with ContentKeeper Web Filter Pro and ContentKeeper Secure Internet Gateway, however it can also be used with other layer 2 devices districts have deployed. The CK-LBA comes in multiple configurations to accommodate different traffic requirements, from 1G to 40G. The appliance allows districts to seamlessly spread multi-gig traffic loads across an array of devices. The CK-LBA also allows districts to build both high availability and fault tolerance into their network infrastructure. As districts triple or quadruple the bandwidth they use today, the CK-LBA supports this growth and ensures school networks stay up and running. Download the CK-LBA factsheet to learn more.


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