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CREDIT Ruffalo Noel Levitz | 2015 E-Expectations ReportHigh school seniors believe the most influential resource for researching colleges is the actual college website (80 percent). High school juniors seldom ask school counselors when they have questions while researching college (4 percent), but instead turn to college websites for the answer (71 percent) source  To help higher education engage with high school students, ChatterHigh has developed an effective learning resource for teachers that provides a fun, free, curriculum based edu-game for students to explore deep in college web and social media assets. Students receive a free, mobile, daily, 10-minute, 10-question edu-game in the form of a quiz. Teachers receive a free and simple classroom dashboard to track, monitor, and assess student participation and progress. With the support of ChatterHigh staff or on their own, colleges develop quiz questions that lead students to web and social media content proven to help students with decision making. A new gamified and programmatics based communication channel specifically designed for higher education to engage high school students is right on time—as, these days it seems: if it isn’t between their nose and their phone, it doesn’t exist. Learn more…


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