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CREDIT TigTag science videosTigtag is an online science teaching resource for grades K-5. Hundreds of short (3 minute), engaging, real-world science videos introduce basic science concepts and captivate young minds—teachers included. Background and preparation materials are provided for teachers, along with ready-made lesson plans and practical science activities which help teachers implement a ‘blended learning’ environment in their classroom. Seasoned expert, new to the profession, or even lacking confidence teaching science—all of these types of teachers can benefit from Tigtag as a time-saving solution for bringing science to life in elementary classrooms. “This has been a godsend for providing real-life, factual material to the children about science concepts that we are studying,” says one teacher. “The proof of its effectiveness has just been realized with excellent grades on their recent unit assessment on classifying animals.” Another teacher: “The content is great for either introducing new standards, or reviewing what we have learned. I have been able to use Tigtag effectively with grades 1-5. My students love it. They love the quick reviews and questions. The content is presented in an interesting and exciting manner. It draws my students in!” Available exclusively from Carolina Biological, this resource is a great example of using video in the classroom to provide students with deeper conceptual understanding of an important subject area. Learn more.


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