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CREDIT bunceeHere’s a web-based content creation tool. The possibilities with buncee are really pretty endless, and up to you. Create engaging multimedia lessons, digital stories, travel scrapbooks, research projects, or whatever else you might want. Buncee enables students of all ages (really! from pre-k through college) to easily bring together all kinds of multimedia to better showcase their creativity and learning comprehension. Drag and drop photos, videos, artwork, audio, drawings, text, and even links together onto one digital canvas to produce an original, shareable creation. Teachers can flip their classrooms, communicate with parents, and send home beautiful newsletters or invitations. They can also manage their students’ work through a private virtual classroom organizer (“dashboard” tool). The teacher dashboard ability lets teachers add students, review and grade submissions, and differentiate their lessons by selectively assigning the ‘buncees’ they have created and sent out to the class. Students and teachers will get in touch with their creative sides, while connecting and interacting in a more personal way than they might be used to. Learn more.


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