Cool Tool | AVerCharge C30i

CREDIT AVerCharge C30iC30i is a small-footprint charging solution packed with features to safely secure and efficiently charge devices. The sleek and compact charging cart can comfortably support 30 laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets with its spacious slot width design. It also provides intelligent charging meaning that it has the ability to automatically shut off—once devices are fully charged—and can thereby help conserve energy consumption and prevent any circuit overload. Slide-out shelves and individual AC adapter compartments provide users easy device access and management. All combined, these features make it an effective device management tool for any classroom. There’s an all-inclusive warranty program and great customer service provided with the product. The team behind this product goes beyond the minimum to assure customers are getting the IT support they need through extensive web support with U.S.-based live chat, e-mail, and phone services. Learn more.


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