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CREDIT Promethean ActivPanelDepending on when you attended school, these were the latest and greatest technology: film projector, mimeo graph, overhead projector, video tape, photocopier. Remember any of these cutting edge inventions? Today those technologies are passé, as the innovation in consumer electronic reaches the classroom. Yet, many lump interactive flat panel displays into the same category as a filmstrip projector! They believe that front-of-class displays are past their prime. However, interactive flat panel displays, like Promethean’s ActivPanel, are essential to supporting 21st century learners and highly relevant for preparing students for their futures. Studies show that collaboration is one of the most important skills graduates need to succeed in today’s workforce. The ActivPanel is designed to build students’ skills in areas foundational for becoming strong collaborators, including verbal, written and interpersonal communication and group problem solving. In combination with an interactive lesson delivery system like ClassFlow, the ActivPanel connects teachers and students and students to their peers. It facilitates sharing work, discussing ideas, creating content, and contributing to the work of others, which are requirement in many workplaces. Compatible with all major operating systems and available on mobile and height adjustable stands, the ActivPanel operates in almost any school. Learn more.


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