Cool Tool | Unify from Performance Matters

While students and teachers are tired of testing, teachers are required to test in more courses than ever — and are evaluated upon those results. Unify is a collaborative technology platform for the development, review and administration of quality assessment content. With it, teachers anywhere in the world can log in to author, review, and administer assessments that help energize learning. Users can analyze student and educator data from multiple sources, and act on that information with resources that improve teaching and learning. Teachers within a district — or across multiple districts or states — can pool their resources and work together to create and share assessment content. This not only engages teachers in the assessment process, but it makes the mass development of high quality items and assessments economical. It also provides educators with immediate access to thousands of assessment items across hundreds of courses. This collaborative solution dramatically reduces the rising costs associated with demands to assess students in all content areas, while providing educators with actionable data to make decisions that improve student learning. Learn more.


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