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CREDIT ReadoriumThis personalized web-based learning system (for grades 3-8) teaches students proficient reading strategies as human online “book mentors” guide them through engaging chapter books based on the Next Generation Science Standards. Students at all skill levels can master the same in-depth content because readability levels, instruction, and supports automatically adjust to each individual as they read. Teachers receive continual student reports and materials to further differentiate instruction. Programs include video and written guides. Offline supports include customer service, teacher-student launches, and PD. Students who completed 10 books averaged a year’s gain on an outside comprehension assessment, with higher gains for those reading more. Teacher-student surveys revealed that it was motivating and easy to use, and students’ reading improved in all subjects. Last year, 3,450 students from diverse communities used it. This year’s projection is 20,000+. All last year’s schools renewed, and many new districts are subscribing. The Philadelphia after-school program will purchase it for 16,000 students upon successful completion of a 500 student pilot; a 75 after-school consortium in Florida is vetting the platform for immediate use; and 130 schools are vetting it via their partnering PD company. Readorium uses the latest cloud-computing technology for rapid scalability. Learn more.


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