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CREDIT Smartly from PedagoBuilding a faster, more effective way to learn online is Pedago, a company using what they call interactive pedagogy. Their initial strategic focus is on the successful launch of an online MBA degree program. Through their proprietary active learning platform, called Smartly, they offer mobile-first, free education that is bite-sized and skill oriented. Their students graduate with licensed degrees and certificates, and they connect them with employers for success-based placement fees. Long term, their mission is to accelerate the world’s shift to truly interactive learning by entering many other fields of vocational and academic study and maintaining their focus on research and development. They enrolled their first class of MBA students in July 2016, just days after obtaining a degree-granting license from the OSSE in Washington D.C. As a new, and therefore unaccredited, business school, they’re excited that their first 185 students are comparable to those that typically attend the very best traditional elite business schools. Thousands of students applied. Encouragingly, all accepted active students are on track with their assignments so far, and enthusiasm among students is high. Of course, they still need to show that they can get their students hired by employers that they match them with. Smartly appears on track to better both the learning and recruiting industries, not a small task. Learn more.


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