Cool Tool | Accelerated Reader 360 from Renaissance

CREDIT AR360 RenaissanceWith the proven concept that consistent practice is powerful, Renaissance Accelerated Reader 360 oversees and assesses the reading abilities of K-12 students. Through the program, students read nonfiction and fiction texts personalized to their reading level, and then go on to complete activities and quizzes. Teachers can see student activity in a teacher and administrator-monitored dashboard; assessments are instantly scored and provide data to inform instruction, guide students to appropriate reading material, help teachers evaluate each student’s skills, and identify students needing intervention. Engaging students in this process, educators help students build transferable literacy skills that can move their students confidently and autonomously into more complex texts. Backed by more than 150 academic studies, use of the program is recognized as an accurate predictor of overall academic success, ultimately preparing students for college and career readiness. Learn more.


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