Cool Tool | Lexia RAPID Assessment K-2

CREDIT Lexia RAPID AssessmentRecently expanded to grades K-2, Lexia RAPID Assessment helps K-12 educators prepare all students for reading success. Designed to measure the skills most predictive of reading success, RAPID adaptively assesses student performance in critical reading and language skills, while minimizing time spent on testing. RAPID recognizes the crucial role of academic language in reading comprehension, placing unique emphasis on academic language skills in both assessment tasks and instructional resources to support student success across the curriculum. In grades K-2, RAPID includes a developmentally appropriate combination of student-led and teacher-led tasks to promote student engagement and authentic responses. In just 20 minutes per K-2 student, RAPID predicts the likelihood of end-of-year reading success and identifies instructional needs. RAPID’s immediate scoring, reports and instructional resources help educators quickly connect data to instruction. Learn more.


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