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credit-smartickHere’s a cool online math learning methodology and practice application for students ages four to fourteen. Nearly 25,000 children from 53 countries have used the Smartick Method to learn math skills and concepts, and improve their reasoning skills and reading comprehension. This methodology includes highly-focused, short bursts of practice (15 minutes daily) with lessons that continually adapt to a child’s needs. The design of the application offers encouragement and positive reinforcement, helping kids learn to love math. The proven method ensures each student’s understanding of mathematical skills with a customized and personalized curriculum, accelerates their learning, and develops their maximum capabilities, leading to a comfort with math conducive to learning even more. The application is also designed to complement classroom math lessons. In addition to helping parents and teachers promote the development of math skills by leveraging engaging interactive tools, it helps improve a child’s reasoning skills, reading comprehension and “softer skills” like self-confidence, discipline, study habits, ability to focus, and self-learning capabilities. Incorporating global best practices from learning methodologies, such as JUMP, Singapore Math, Jo Boaler and traditional Japanese methods, the program combines with findings from research conducted at leading learning institutions such as Harvard and Chicago University. Learn more.


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