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2vr-stimuli-usWhen 2VR was originally invented, the primary focus was mobility, yet as time passes, its significance begins to morph into something more. It becomes about access to information at any moment, anywhere you are. Today, our students have a wealth of knowledge in their pockets; smartphones give access to photos, video, and text like never before. One medium missing in this level of instant access is virtual reality. VR in didactic settings is not only informative, but also exploratory; no longer does the picture frame tell you what to see. Instead, you have 360 degrees of viewing to fully immerse yourself in a whole new world. The content available is incredible: one moment you’re on a safari in Africa, the next you are flying through space. Once students enter VR, each student ‘teleports’ to a new world of information. This amazing moment is priceless. That’s why 2VR is providing wholesale prices to schools and other teaching and learning environments. If you’re interested in bringing 2VR to your school, email them and they will set up a special deal for your class. Learn more.


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