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credit-the-peoples-guide-to-the-united-states-constitutionAs we marvel at the ever-advancing state of technology today, let’s bear in mind the U.S. Constitution laid the groundwork for innovation by granting authors and inventors exclusive rights to their writings and discoveries. The framers of our Constitution wanted Americans to live better lives and flourish under a government based on liberty and protection of that liberty. Let’s not, then, forget our roots. Even though the Constitution is only about 7,000 words or 25 pages long, many Americans are unable to understand this essential document due to its old-fashioned language—now over 200 years old. The People’s Guide to the United States Constitution, a book by Dave Kluge, provides simple definitions and examples so the original text can be read with understanding in just a few hours. Unlike other books of its kind, The People’s Guide does not interpret the U.S. Constitution. Instead, it focuses on defining their words and terms so the reader can come to his or her own understanding of the Founding Fathers’ intent. Its simple definitions, illustrations and examples allow the Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Amendments to be read and understood in just a few hours with no spin or political agenda. It’s available in e-book and hard copy from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes, with study guides available for free download at The Constitution is a framework for cooperation. When all Americans understand it, we’ll have millions of people helping to protect our rights in a more harmonious civilization. Learn more.


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