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kids-nyHow do we remove the obstacles to having the best possible resource in the hands of students at the right time? Don’t miss the opportunity to talk with Houston’s Beatriz Arnillas, who leads the IT-Education Technology team for Houston ISD in Texas during a “Managing Digital Resources in the Classroom” edchat. Also: Don’t miss a “Technologies and Literacy in Early Learning” edchat with Gail Lovely. They can’t read yet, can they be purposeful tech users? What does the evidence say, and how do we go beyond “engaging”? These are merely two events happening this month — there’s more in the months ahead from the likes of Luis Perez, Tracy Weeks, Thomas C. Murray, and Sylvia Martinez. EdChat Interactive is like no other webinar series, find out why founders Steve Anderson, Mitch Weisburgh and Tom Whitby have done such a great job in creating the hottest edtech interactive chat on the web today by replacing talking head webinars with an awesome interactive online PD experience. Learn more.

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