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More than at any other time in history, today’s parents of young children expect to regularly receive meaningful data on their child from the people who take care of them. Whether using a teacher or nanny, parents ask for photos, videos, and details of their child’s day, yet traditional methods of photo-sharing are cumbersome. Child care providers have a tall order; keep parents happy and well-informed while coping with a multitude of operational details. Program information is often frustratingly disorganized due to a lack of integrated software systems. This administrative burden takes time away from important face-to-face activities. EduKids Connect Systems is a cloud-based application that answers this need on both fronts. First, child care providers use this elegant, one-screen app on tablets and smart phones to capture individualized information for each child. Parents stay informed in real-time through instant notifications and also get a customized summary at days’ end. Secondly, administrators increase their efficiency through a comprehensive back-end dashboard that streamlines tedious processes through digitized transactions, freeing up more time to invest in building relationships with families, mentoring the staff, and interacting with the children. Check out the people behind this startup, a part of the StartED edtech accelerator; they’ll be presenting during NY Edtech Week on December 20th at NYU. Learn more in the video above.


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