Cool Tool | HoloLens

‘Mixed Reality’ technology from Microsoft is implemented by a special device – HoloLens glasses. They are a standalone, battery-powered device lasting up to five hours before requiring a recharge. The HoloLens allows students or teachers to add into real space three-dimensional objects (holograms) that fit the surroundings. Students and teachers can interact with holograms by gestures and voice. The glasses also feature internal speakers near the ears. With huge potential for education, the idea is similar to that of AR and VR technologies, although advocates of the HoloLens claim it feels more natural and is possibly healthier, and describe how children stay in the same reality and don’t just visualize, but actually feel science. Students can collaborate and interact together with the same holograms, while teachers can control the attention of students and the pace of a lesson. With opportunity for gamification, and holographic lessons, teachers and students can study complex subjects. Now available, the HoloStudy application is a series of holographic Geology, Biology, Physics, and Chemistry lessons developed for the Microsoft HoloLens that make such subjects easier to grasp, and learning more pleasurable. For a demo Geology lesson click on the video above.


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