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credit-curriculum-associates-i-readyCurriculum Associates’ i-Ready is proven to accelerate student growth by providing an individualized, student-centric learning experience. Built to address the rigor of the new standards, i-Ready combines a valid and reliable growth measure and personalized instruction into a single online product, helping students excel in the targeted areas they need help in the most. The adaptive diagnostic for grades K–12 pinpoints student needs down to the sub-skill level and generates a combination of online instruction for grades K–8 and downloadable teacher-led lessons that are unique to each student’s diagnostic result. The online lessons provide a consistent best-practice lesson structure and build conceptual understanding, while being engaging and fun for students of all levels. The program also delivers targeted skill instruction support through mobile apps, which can be used at school or at home, to help boost student achievement. The program saves teachers valuable time so they can focus less on assessing and more on teaching. The individualized instructional plans are detailed yet easy to understand, helping educators differentiate instruction and support a blended learning solution. Schools and districts across all 50 states are benefitting from the program. i-Ready is currently being used this school year by approximately 10 percent of all K–8 students nationwide, serving nearly four million students nationwide. Learn more.



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