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credit-icevonlineDeveloped by CEV Multimedia, iCEV is an online platform that produces comprehensive educational content to Career and Technical Education students and educators. iCEV offers in-depth, interactive learning with professional demonstrations to prepare students for real-world scenarios and postsecondary education. With iCEV, students can enhance their career and technical training to obtain industry-backed certifications, while pursuing a career path that aligns with their interests. iCEV includes a management system with pre-built CTE courses and lessons from the platform’s extensive online library. Course guides and a live-chat feature walk educators through the process of customizing courses to fit their students’ needs. Students are then able to complete activities and online assessments with the guidance of their teachers. The system automatically evaluates and records student results, helping educators analyze overall progress. Industry collaborations play an important role for all CTE programs by offering hands-on training as students complete their program of study. Through iCEV, students enhance their career training with certifications from industry partners by completing regular coursework. iCEV offers programs to earn certifications in Professional Communications, Meat Evaluation, Plant Science, Principles of Floral Design and Principles of Livestock & Evaluation to expand education and support student success across multiple areas of CTE. Learn more.


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