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credit-triseum-variant-limitsCalculus has one of the highest failure rates of any course on any campus – in fact, the failure rate for Calculus I is reaching 38 percent according to the Mathematical Association of America. Yet calculus remains a core element of the ever growing STEM curriculum. In an effort to ease complex calculus concepts and help more students succeed, Triseum, which grew out of the LIVE Lab at Texas A&M University, has created Variant: Limits, the first game in a new series of immersive educational experiences for calculus students. Variant: Limits connects mathematics and game play, motivating students through compelling narrative and high-stakes adventure in a 3D world. The goal is to master calculus principles and theories, including finite limits, continuity, and infinite limits. Students gain immediate feedback on their performance and faculty can view intelligent game analytics to understand exactly how a student is grasping concepts. The power of game-based learning delivers an education experience that empowers students to engage with content on a deeper level. In Variant: Limits, students don’t just memorize and regurgitate information, but rather apply it. In fact, 79 percent of students playing Variant: Limits agreed that the game increased their knowledge of limits. You can watch an interactive trailer of Variant: Limits here.


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