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CREDIT Kranse Institute SAT mobile app.pngKranse Institute, an education content developer for an online, on-demand SAT-prep program (as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank), recently announced the launch of a mobile app that offers their student’s greater convenience and motivation to stay connected and on-target with their college test preparation. The new app is designed to enable students anytime access to their digital course work as well as to provide a more compelling platform for engagement and interaction. Course content is specifically designed for always-connected students; short, bite sized chunks of easy to digest and embrace information offers a strategy and short cut approach to test taking (as opposed to the traditional review and memorize approach). The app helps keep students on track and motivated through notifications, contests, and updated tips. The Kranse SAT-prep digital program and app offers an affordable, accessible, and proven tool for any student. Average test score improvements to date exceed 200 (for the new 1600 SAT). Available for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets. Free download for any Kranse enrollee. Learn more.


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