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CREDIT McGraw-Hill Learnsmart.pngSmartBook, by learning science company McGraw-Hill Education, is a digital version of a course textbook – with a twist. SmartBook delivers the same content as a traditional textbook, but unlike a typical e-book, SmartBook actively tailors that content to the particular needs of individual students. SmartBook is an adaptive tool available through McGraw-Hill Connect, the digital teaching and learning environment used by millions of students and higher education instructors. By highlighting where in the chapter to focus, asking review questions and pointing to specific resources to aid understanding, this tool helps students study more efficiently and prepare for class more effectively. Other benefits include:

  • Proven to help get better grades. Studies show SmartBook technology can help increase grades by a full letter.
  • Save time. Study smarter. SmartBook helps students zero in on the things they don’t know so they can better prioritize their study time.
  • No more cramming. SmartBook helps students retain key concepts so they can learn—not memorize.
  • Accessible on the go. SmartBook can be used on a laptop or tablet (available for select products), via a browser or mobile app.
  • Results in real time. Students can track their progress to see how well they understand the material, rather than waiting for exams.

SmartBook is available to students through McGraw-Hill Connect, which can save students 60 percent versus the cost of a new textbook, depending on the course and subscription length. Learn more.


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