Cool Tool | Exact Path from Edmentum

3-5-Learning-Path (1).pngRising class sizes combined with increasing awareness of ever-changing academic levels leave teachers feeling short of their most valuable resource, time. The time required to create individualized curriculum for each student makes it prohibitive more for most teachers. Exact Path, the newest e-learning solution from Edmentum, seeks to solve this issue. Designed for students in grades K-8, it utilizes adaptive assessments and targeted learning paths aligned to a teacher’s goals, paced to students’ needs, and structured to give students control over their own educational journey. The program puts a new spin on personalized learning programs by providing action steps with the data collected on students. For example, if a majority of students were identified to be above grade level based on their performance using Exact Path, the program would provide steps the teacher should take to further challenge students. Other important features include the ability to:

  • Measure real-time progress and academic growth by skill;
  • Formulate key insights based on national norming data; and,
  • Utilize simple visualization skills to communicate with stakeholders.

They recently concluded beta in 13 school districts in the U.S. and it is now available for the 2017-18 school year. Learn more.


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