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CREDIT Velocity.pngAt ISTE last summer, our own Mark Gura discovered a unique learning resource called Velocity, from Voyager Sopris Learning. At that time, Mark saw how this K-5 digital instructional solution advances literacy with 1-to-1 instruction, real-time adaptability, and actionable data. In the months since he first wrote about Velocity in that ISTE Round UP, the company has added new features and student/teacher benefits, further helping teachers ensure success in their ELA students.

Teachers have reported being most excited about:

  • Velocity’s new standards reports and the ability to see grade level and/or off-grade level standards that individual students have been working on; and
  • Velocity’s teacher recommendation banner on their dashboard providing not only the lesson that should be taught but the grouping of students for that lesson.

Students have reported being most excited about:

  • Velocity’s new student dashboard with the ability to unlock guides and worlds;
  • New problem types with more interaction, feedback, and reinforcement; and
  • The ability to decide which problem to work on when a choice is provided by the engine.

Their adaptive learning engine helps teachers provide highly targeted instruction to meet every child’s unique needs. It allows K-5 students to work through content at their own pace, while it responds to each student’s learning needs, all the while supplementing the teacher’s instruction and providing the personalized attention that students need to excel. Learn more.


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