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CREDIT Labster.jpgLabster develops fully interactive and advanced virtual laboratory simulations that support open-ended e-learning. Labs rely on 3D programming, storytelling, and engaged human interactions to build a virtual environment in which students can more deeply learn core scientific principles and put those principles to the test via virtual experiments. The combination of gamification, storytelling, and engagement has helped Labster to ‘flip the lab’ while creating a more efficient and secure learning environment accessible by all students. Research has shown that students using Labster learn 101 percent more than they would through interaction with a professor alone and user surveys indicate 90 percent plus student engagement with Labster’s virtual learning environment. Their goal is to modernize science education and empower the next generation of scientists. The existing Lab Catalog ranges from biotechnology and biochemistry to genetics, from chemistry to molecular biology, and will continue to expand to reach the ever-growing needs of all STEM students. They currently partner with more than 70 global universities, as well as a few corporate entities, to further their intent to bring their virtual laboratory solutions to the scientific masses. Learn more.


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