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CREDIT Capti Voice.pngHere is a platform for universal access to content and assessment. Capti enables students to add any textual content to their playlists from a variety of sources, read/listen to that content anywhere with the best text-to-speech voices, seamlessly transitioning between their devices. Capti can be used by anyone, but it was developed for students with print disabilities such as blindness, low vision, and dyslexia who account for over 15 percent of student population. Capti helps increase student productivity by providing them with a uniform reading experience and tools that help develop active reading strategies, and empower them to process information more effectively. It gives teachers the ability to work effectively in inclusive and integrated classrooms, apply individualized instruction methods, easily distribute reading materials to students, and track student progress over time. The platform has many innovations including high-quality translations/definitions in context, content extraction algorithms, personalized game-like exercises generated automatically from any reading materials, etc. Capti is used in schools and universities across the U.S.—one of its largest clients is the New York City Department of Education. Nearly 300,000 people downloaded Capti iOS app. Capti received several awards including the FCC Chairman’s Award for Advancing Accessibility, $2M+ in federal research grants, and is a 2017 EdTech Awards honoree and 2017 Cool Tool Award Winner. Learn more.


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