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CREDIT SketchFab.pngHere’s an online community that publishes and shares 3D content online and in virtual reality (VR). With a community of more than half of a million content contributors, SketchFab is among the world’s largest platforms for 3D content online, including subjects such as science,nature, cultural heritage, and more. Recently, SketchFab partnered with Promethean to bring 3D and VR to the classroom through ClassFlow, a free lesson delivery software for interactive panel displays. SketchFab and Promethean worked together to hand-pick compelling educational content from their online community. Now, whether teachers use ClassFlow to choose ready-made lessons or customize their own they can select amazing experiences in 3D and VR as an interactive teaching aid. To discover the various 3D and VR resources available for teachers, learn more here.


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