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CREDIT CSI Literacy.jpgHere’s an unforgettable, interactive digital literacy experience for grade 3–5 students. Cases are accessed through a cloud-based portal and can be completed on any internet-capable device. Each case takes 45–60 minutes, and includes a range of questions, writing exercises, and activities. Students are provided with a report at the completion of each case, with teachers also provided feedback on each student’s work. The leveled text is supported by illustrations, pop-ups, animations, and videos, and each case includes sound and music, which all provide further context and aid in comprehension. CSI Private Eye is designed to encourage student reading and writing, while challenging them to solve problems, use critical thinking skills, and learn competence on digital devices. Students investigate real-life mysteries such as Emperor Qin’s army of terracotta warriors and the statues of Easter Island—with each case including math questions, and content from STEM disciplines, and social studies. CSI Private Eye also provides the world knowledge and expanded vocabularies that research shows are essential to progress in literacy through the middle years of school. Learn more.


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