Trends | Shift to a Digital Workforce

CREDIT ISDI University.pngISDI Digital University, an in-person and online graduate school in Silicon Valley offering a Master’s degree in Internet Business, surveyed over 100 companies and found that 56 percent of talent professionals across the United States find it increasingly difficult to find digital talent. As digital transformation continues to rapidly evolve across industries, this has created an exponentially increasing digital skills gap; ultimately highlighting the dire need for training or educational systems to provide digital curriculums that will prep both individuals and workforces. The skills gap is not a joke; it is impacting businesses across all industries. In fact, 77 percent of companies surveyed believe digital transformation has disrupted the way they do business, which is why it’s not surprising that one in six companies report that the number of digital business positions available will double within the next six to twelve months. With 74 percent of high-level executives believing that digital transformation is a top priority that increases profits, productivity, and communications, change needs to happen at the organizational level. Corporations and our education system need to start investing in their students and workforce, and ultimately incorporate digital programs so that America can begin to meet its full earning potential in this new era in business. Learn more.


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