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CREDIT Reading Horizons Discovery.pngReading Horizons Discovery® provides teachers with the resources and method to give K-3 students a solid foundation for reading and spelling to put them firmly on the path to reading success. The strategy-based reading program offers both direct instruction and software designed to be implemented in a variety of instructional settings, including the general classroom, blended learning environments, intervention settings, afterschool programs, summer programs, and with English language learners. It is web-based and accessible to students, teachers, and administrators from any location with an internet connection. Incorporating multi-sensory, Orton-Gillingham principles of instruction along with a unique marking system, the program engages all aspects of student interaction when learning. The software delivers assessments and four specific grade-level tracks. Initial assessments give teachers an accurate measurement of each student’s ability; the software then adapts to meet the needs and skill levels of those students and provides differentiation as they progress through the program. Skill lessons include formative assessments called Check-Ups, vocabulary, games, and a library that offers Lexile® measures as an add-on purchase. With all these tools combined, the program fulfills 92% of the standards for foundational reading skills for students in K-3, as well as other standards outlined by the Common Core State Standards and correlated to the findings of the National Reading Panel. Along with Reading Horizons Discovery, Reading Horizons offers a hands-on initial training that prepares educators to provide effective reading instruction and intervention. Learn more.


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