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CREDIT Mrs Wordsmith.gifApplying machine learning and Hollywood visuals to make the dictionary more relevant, useful and fun – and to help improve literacy in young people—this is what Mrs. Wordsmith, a venture-backed edtech startup, is all about. They hope to create the world’s most intuitive dictionary, and they’ve built a subscription-based vocabulary program based on cognitive linguistics aimed at improving literacy. Words have been hilariously illustrated by the award-winning artists behind Madagascar and Hotel Transylvania. If a rich vocabulary is the passport to academic success in every subject, then the more words you know, the higher your “reading age”. The higher that is, the better your results. But learning is inefficient, according to the folks at Mrs Wordsmith, so they’ve identified the words that children need to learn at every age. And they deliver them in a way that’s fun, engaging and efficient. Mrs Wordsmith brings words to life and makes learning easy. Their Art Director Craig Kellman is the award-winning artist behind a vast cast of characters including those from Dreamworks blockbusters, as well as Sony’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Their mission: “Be smart. Learn more words. The more words you know, the smarter you’ll grow. Our mission is to teach every young person the 10,000 words they need to know by age 18 to reach their full potential.” Watch for them to expand astronomically (would love to see that word illustrated!) as they’re coming soon to mobile and tablet. Learn more.


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