Cool Tool | pivotED from Capstone

CREDIT pivotED from Capstone.pngpivotEd leverages Capstone’s rich content by offering more than 500 pre-built lessons for grades 3 through 6. Each lesson is based on a Capstone text and an ebook is included with the lesson. All lessons and titles have been correlated to state and national standards, and their Connecting Content to Literacy lessons are available in a digital format. Connecting Content to Literacy lessons are an instructional roadmap designed to get students thinking deeply about the text as they learn strategies for answering text-dependent questions, explore academic vocabulary, use metacognitive strategies to gain understanding, and respond to their reading in a variety of ways. Capstone provides rich, leveled content to support all learners. Their titles are leveled and support learning standards, and include professional resources to help teachers implement proven strategies in their classroom. In addition to providing excellent content for the classroom, it ranks as a leading brand among librarians and the students they serve. Learn more.


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