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CREDIT NextLesson.pngThis platform offers K-12 teachers over 10,000 resources that engage students in real world problem solving through topics they care about, such as movies, books, sports and celebrities. Complementing core adoptions, NextLesson enables students to develop deep understanding of skills and concepts in authentic contexts. Five different lesson types offer teachers resources ranging from skills practice worksheets, to real world Performance Tasks, to inquiry-based projects and PBL. Real data from online sources is used where relevant, and critical thinking challenges are incorporated to help students develop higher order thinking skills. Lessons are written on 3,500 (and growing) high-interest topics to engage any learner, and teachers can utilize the InterestID tool to identify their students’ favorite interests and receive relevant lesson recommendations at a class or student level. NextLesson tries to meet teachers’ needs by offering resources in online and printable formats, providing teacher guides and differentiation tips, and having multiple ways to discover relevant lessons. All lessons are written by teachers and are aligned to Common Core and state standards. Learn more.


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