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CREDIT SMART.pngSuccessful technology implementations do not happen by accident. With the right tools and approach, education technology can have a significant and measurable impact on learning. According to research, the greatest success in the classroom starts with sound teaching skills, complemented by software and hardware, in that order.  The formula for a successful edtech implementation could be said to be comprised of two parts: 1) Following through on each of these key features to result in seamless and thoughtful implementations that will create more engaged students and empowered teachers: Leadership Vision; Integration Pedagogy; Professional Development; Instructional Methods Support; Ability to Leverage Existing Tech; and Evaluation and Assessment. 2) Step two addresses how to design the technology implementation, working with a model in the planning of the implementation that will help the technology engage, enhance, extend and empower students and teachers. There are yet many success stories in a landscape where educators can be seen to struggle in getting results from their classroom technologies. For example, Oak Grove Elementary followed the formulas above and saw a 31 percent increase in the total percentage pass rate in Science scores on state standardized tests. Rolling Ridge Elementary saw their students become quicker and more accurate in their math skills seeing a 55 percent increase in addition and a 69 percent increase in subtraction. Learn more.


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