What Is Edtech’s Role in Out-of-School Time?

  • Mark Gura


    Some very important points are made here. Schools often would like to provide an ‘after school’ program for kids. Parents and communities appreciate this, as there are many youngsters who live with single, working parents who can benefit greatly from a supervised, secure setting for those hours between the end of the school day and the arrival home of the parent. It’s one thing, however, for a school to establish this environment, no mean feat either, as it requires keeping the school open for students (often there’s a cost associated with this), finding the funding for an after school program, and locating teachers (and/or others who have the legal right..) to spend time with the kids, BUT it’s quite another thing to provide a high quality program of activities to fill those hours. The factors mentioned in this article are critical to success for schools in providing something of high value to students. Further, those who provide the digital resources that bring these success factors to life are putting something of true worth on the table for schools!

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