Navitas Ventures’ latest edtech research: Global EdTech Ecosystems

Navitas Ventures has officially launched its latest edtech research – Global EdTech Ecosystems – at the EdTech Asia Summit in Hong Kong this week.

Examining edtech in 20 cities

‘Ecosystems 1.0’ demonstrates the diverse edtech environment in 20 cities around the world. The report introduces an edtech “maturity index” that identifies the leading cities for edtech development, and helps readers identify global best practice and connect with the people responsible.

The report identifies that the 20 profiled cities are home to 40% of the global edtech sector, and operate at very different levels of maturity. Three cities came out on top, Beijing, the Bay Area and New York, with each city providing a complete ecosystem for edtech development. The strengths and limitations of challenger cities like Boston, London and Shanghai, and emerging hubs like Paris, Bangalore and Sydney were also identified in the report.

Breadth and potential

Tim Praill, CEO of Navitas Ventures said the report showcased the breadth of the edtech sector, and potential that exists across the key cities developing education technology globally.

“Not only are cities distinct as far as the technology and solutions being focused on, but this research also shows the influence that local investment communities, governments and university stakeholders play in the emergence and acceleration of new ideas and products,” he says.

“Despite the levels of maturity in different markets, one other key takeaway for us has been the high level of collaboration in all edtech markets, which is accelerating the constant evolution of ideas and technologies,” says Praill.

Trendsetting work

Ecosystem 1.0 combines quantitative analysis with intelligence gathered through interviews with local edtech experts. The report identifies thousands of edtech companies, billions of dollars in deals, the most supportive communities, and the hundreds of investors currently active in edtech.

This work builds on Navitas Ventures’ track record of developing leading insights on the global edtech sector, including the 2017 ‘Global EdTech Landscape’ report, which mapped the world’s 15,000+ edtech companies to the next generation learning lifecycle.

Navitas Ventures was recognized for this work at the 2018 EdTech Awards where the company won the ‘edtech group setting a trend’ award. The team intends to continue to deliver innovative thought leadership in 2019 through future iterations of the Landscape and Ecosystem projects.

Download the Ecosystems 1.0 report here and explore the contents in more depth through the interactive website


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