May the Code be with You: CoderZ from Intelitek

Prepping students for beyond-school career field tech use and introducing STEM principles, teachers are getting help from CoderZ, an online platform covering robotics, programming, engineering, and physical computing. It’s a student motivated self-learning program with engaging game-like missions that get progressively more challenging.

This company was at the ISTE 2018 conference in Chicago recently and made a great showing, with thoughtful walk-throughs from friendly staff, and an excellent product.   

Who it’s for

Developed for students in grades 6-12, the platform is designed to accommodate both beginners and experts, offering a simple Scratch-like language called Blockly for new coders and allows more advanced students to start working directly with Java code.

For teachers, it offers an engaging curriculum and a variety of comprehensive learning management features including project submission and grading, class and student statistics, video tutorials, and challenges.

STEM principles—doable

“Educators need to prepare their students for in-demand careers, and the STEM principles CoderZ introduces to students are fundamental to the modern workplace,” says Ido Yerushalmi, CEO of Intelitek, who was at ISTE and is pictured here.

“CoderZ allows students to explore the world of programming on their own level while giving teachers the ability to guide students to meet set goals. Together with CoderZ, educators can enable students to develop their computational thinking and problem-solving abilities while gaining fundamental STEM skills,” he says.

The platform is accessible online from the classroom or from home; using virtual robots, it makes the world of coding and robotics accessible, attractive, and doable.

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