EduKids Connect Systems Links Parents and Teachers

This mobile and web-based early childhood app, EduKids Connect Systems (EduKids), is now integrated with FunShine Online curriculum to offer a comprehensive tool specifically designed for use in early childcare programs.  

Teachers and program directors can use it

Teachers can use EduKids Connect to capture individualized information for each child which is shared with parents through instant notifications, photos and videos, and a customized summary at day’s end. 

For program directors, the Administrative Website includes features that streamline tasks such as attendance tracking, document management, report customization, and billing and invoicing.

These features provide directors more time for building relationships with families, mentoring and training staff, and interacting with children.

Research-based curriculum from FunShine Express Online, provides teachers a myriad of curriculum options.

Teachers can view and access ready-to-use lesson plans, choose another developed theme for their lesson plans, or search from over 15,000 activities to create and customize their own lesson plans.

Activities include downloadable resources such as music, displays, printables and more. Teachers may choose to add lesson plan summaries to daily report e-mails to parents. Recording FunShine activity observations and assessments within the EduKids app saves time and keeps sensitive student information in one place.

The app makes it easy to quickly document a child’s day, access and modify lesson plans, and record detailed observations for assessment purposes.

The people who made it

Keyur Sheth is the CEO of EduKids Connect and has appeared as a presenter at ny ed tech week. “Our goal is to help increase parental engagement by providing real-time information about their children through the app, streamlining the parent-teacher communication process,” he explains.

“Using EduKids with FunShine Online enables teachers to spend more time with children and less time on paperwork. We have included administrative functionality to save directors and administrators time tracking daily operations,” says Keyur.   

“We launched a product that has been well received. Our customers find it easy to learn, especially with the help of our weekly webinars. This software can accommodate a multitude of needs in a variety of settings, saving teachers time and lessening their workloads. We believe educators’ priority should be on educating,” he says.

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