Parents, Teachers Value Education Data; Need Access, Time to Use It

Parents overwhelmingly support teachers’ use of data to enrich their child’s educational experience, and teachers value the various ways data makes them more effective in the classroom. This according to the just-released results of the Data Quality Campaign’s third parent poll and first teacher poll on education data.

The 2018 results show that teachers use data in a variety of ways each day to support students and communicate with parents about their child’s performance. Parents say that they need data to make decisions about their child’s education and to make sure they get all the support they need. Though parents and teachers value data, teachers cite the lack of time in the school day as their greatest barrier to using it effectively.

Additional findings:

  • 95 percent of parents support teachers using data to ensure students are getting support and enrichment.
  • 93 percent of parents say they need data so they can help their children do their best.
  • 87 percent of parents trust their child’s school is keeping their child’s data private and secure, up from 81 percent in 2015.
  • 86 percent of teachers think using data is an important part of being an effective teacher
  • 85 percent of teachers say data gives an objective place to start conversations with parents.
  • 75 percent of teachers want their school to do a better job getting parents information about their student’s progress in school

Click here to see the Data Quality Campaign’s infographics and learn more.


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