The State of Student Robotics: An Educators Guide

Will 2019 be the year Student Robotics breaks through to become the most favored approach to hands-on, maker-oriented, STEAM Instruction? 


Student Robotics is one of the very most powerful approaches to instruction today. It enables the introduction and integration of highly relevant and engaging varieties of learning, including maker and project based activities, helping to establish effective STEAM Curriculum (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) as a featured part of classroom practice.  

A comprehensive view

The upcoming guide, The State of Student Robotics: An Educator’s Guide, will give a comprehensive view of the state of student robotics: materials, practices, and curriculum—as well as explaining how Student Robotics can effectively fit within the school‘s organization and instructional program.

This will be a guide for educators who want to finally get started with robots, as well as for those who have a program underway but who understand there’s a great deal more for their school community to gain by going ‘all in’ on robotics.

Those hoping for a thorough explanation of what Student Robotics is and how it can help further establish the school as a vital, alive, exciting STE(A)M-rich learning environment will appreciate this publication.  


The report will be primarily authored by Mark Gura, author of the popular Getting Started With LEGO Robotics (ISTE Publications) and other notable pieces on Student Robotics for publications that include Edutopia and ISTE’s magazine Learning & Leading with Technology, and his own blog, Classroom Robotics.

The State of Student Robotics: An Educator’s Guide will include quotes and nuggets of advice from prominent practitioners in the field as well as from materials providers and others who have important ideas to share.

Planned content

The planned content for the guide includes infographics that will serve as a reference for educators as they make comparisons of materials to inform themselves about which seem most practical and effective. Additionally, it will feature short sections on the following (and similar) subjects:

1. Why Robotics? How does Student Robotics enhance curriculum and instruction?  How does it impact and improve the educational experience of school?

2.  State of Student Robotics: Who’s involved and what are they doing?

3.  Scope of Activities and Skills learned through Student Robotics.

4.  Integrating Robotics Across the Curriculum – Where does it fit in the instructional program?

5.  Robotics: Open the School Up to the World

6.  Student Robotics Events and Competitions

7.  Robotics and Career Preparation

8.  Robotics and SEL and Personalized Learning

9.  Arts Bots – The “A” in Steam

10.  PD Required? Getting Started with Student Robotics: ‘To Do’ List 

11.  An overview of student robotics materials, and activities in which to apply them 

Watch for it

Watch EdTech Digest for the upcoming release of ‘The State of Student Robotics: An Educators Guide’, a free publication to be released in September 2019. NOW AVAILABLE: ORDER YOUR COPY HERE

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Mark Gura is a contributing editor for EdTech Digest and author of Getting Started With LEGO Robotics (ISTE). He is a co-author of State of EdTech: The Minds Behind What’s Now and What’s Next. He taught at New York City public schools in East Harlem for two decades. He spent five years as a curriculum developer for the central office and was eventually tapped to be the New York City Department of Education’s director of the Office of Instructional Technology, assisting over 1,700 schools serving 1.1 million students in America’s largest school system.


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