2gnoMe (pronounced “to know me”) is setting a trend in teacher-centric learning.

Consider this: schools spend over $4 Billion on professional development (PD) for teachers every year, but 56% of teachers say their PD has no positive impact on teaching. Thus, half of public funding is wasted. There is plenty of PD content, so what if the problem is that too much emphasis is on content and not enough emphasis on learners?

While technology is re-imagining the Business of Education, “the bulk of investment and intellectual effort targets students,” argues Ilya Zeldin, CEO of 2gnome. “Teachers are both disengaged from the PD process while too often frustrated with how technology changes their classroom. We ask teachers to personalize learning for their students, and yet teachers rarely get an opportunity to experience targeted learning.”

In this context, the 2gnoMe platform is the backbone of a blended learning model. “It functions as a learner-facing site that consolidates internal and external learning content into a single location,” says Ilya, “organizing content and displaying it in context through the use of custom learning paths.”

The Personalized Learning Experience is attracting learning partners because it is essentially a user interface or gateway for remote content. Not stand-alone software, but rather a shell or layer that connects with content providers, which may include Learning Management System(s) for course delivery, and shared content storage for on-demand resources and job aids.

Since launching in 2016, 2gnoMe has helped thousands of teachers in the U.S. and abroad. Schools refer to 2gnoMe as “a missing piece” and “a major disrupter in the education space.” This teacher-centric approach won gold at Re-Imagine Education and other awards. Two public Universities won i3 grants based on our partnership to scale their PD for teachers.

The platform can apply to virtually any learning or certification framework. Similar to a librarian, 2gnoMe delivers the right material to the right teacher to address their skill gaps.

2gnoMe’s value is accretive because school districts (and learning partners) get an admin-level single pane of glass to iterate, measure impact over time, and bring data-driven accountability to PD investments for teachers. Learn more


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